Podcast of the Week

Welcome to: Podcast of the Week. Within this category I will recommend a podcast episode weekly. The selection is based on how much value it adds, the uniqueness and how long it will stay relevant. This takes into account the goal of Know Act Invest: To make investing more accessible. The episodes I recommend are valuable, independent of time. They give a specific perspective on a subject and make you reflect on your situation.

I will substantiate the selection, by giving a summary that consists of the following questions:

Why do I recommend this podcast episode?

How does it relate to Know Act Invest?

What are the key takeaways?

Further reading Includes the sources that I used while writing the blog post, will be on the bottom of the post.

Below you can find an overview of the latest blog posts in Podcast of the Week.

Up until this point I have been releasing blog posts every one to three weeks, the aim is to make one every week. I will work towards this frequency, the emphasis currently lies in the quality of the recommendations.