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Developing Charisma – #4 Podcast of the Week

Welcome to the fourth blog post of: Podcast of the Week. Thanks for taking an interest! If you have not yet: please check out the other Podcast of the Week blog posts: link. Hopefully you have had a great Christmas, have you seen our Christmas card yet?: Check it out on our Instagram. This blog post is about how developing charisma can help you reach financial goals.

This recommendation is a bit different. In the last podcast of the week, the podcast was about becoming financially independent and dealing with reaching FI. Using this podcast episode I would like to elaborate on reaching FI. Why? >>>>>

Short intermezzo about FIRE

I think this subject is quite fascinating. The ultimate goal of this movement is to become financially independent by saving a substantial percentage of monthly income through living frugally, while having a side hustle for extra income besides your main job. To then invest the difference between cost and income in a world wide diversified fund (ETF), for prolonged amounts of time. Ultimately leading to less dependence or complete independence from a full time job. Giving more freedom to do the things you want to do, using income from passive sources.

My experience with FIRE

I have been living quite frugally in order to save and invest substantial amounts, but not as aggressively, I guess it’s called fat fire (there are different variations of FIRE). That’s why I am interested to learn more, while informing you as a reader. This is a exemplary video series on people that reached FI (fun to watch in my opinion):

Financial Independence Europe

This podcast episode specifically is about; How developing charisma will help you reach financial goals. I think this will give us some insight in the role charisma plays in reaching financial goals. The podcast is by Financial Independence Europe, its about life hacking Europe. Finding the best country to study, work, invest and retire in. They try to answer the question: How to reach FI in Europe. By interviewing people who have achieved FI in Europe. Business consultants, bloggers, investors, business owners and employees. I have been listening for the past 6 months, what stands out is the variety of people they (Alvar Mathias and Araminta) interview. This is great for getting multiple perspectives and keeping the podcast informative. Also the variety in hosts that are from different European countries adds to the mix, this podcast is also quite unique since most FIRE podcasts are from the US.

The podcast episode

Why do I recommend this podcast episode?

This podcast episode is about developing charisma, to achieve your financial goals. In this episode Araminta interviews Sebastian Walls. He gives courses that help people become more charismatic, this will in turn help them become better in what they do. People skills are essential in every job, because you will have to communicate with others. But what is charisma?; The ability to inspire others by charm, a type of attractiveness. When thinking about charisma the following names come to mind; Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Barack Obama. These individuals are known for their distinct type of attractiveness, they have the ability to inspire large groups about their field of interest. For some charisma is a born trait, this doesn’t mean it is set in stone. This episode gives some tips for becoming more charismatic.

I recommend this episode because it fits into a growth mindset, opposed to a fixed mindset. Which means people can fundamentally improve themselves (growth) during their lifetime, opposed to being stuck at a certain level (fixed).

What are the key takeaways?

1. There is benefits to developing charisma.

The confidence, attractiveness and charm that is attached to being charismatic will help you in many ways. It can help you on a personal and professional level. By example; being able to better communicate with others will help you to better understand people and how things operate. Another example would be that being charismatic makes people like you more, therefore doing business becomes easier. It will help to get your point across. This means developing charisma is not just for sociable reasons, but fundamental to being successful in business.

2. Everyone can become more charismatic, build a mindset.

You can see charisma as a skill, practising can refine it. A mindset can help you with this. By example you can apply a mindset that going out and meeting new people is important. A mindset consists of habits. Araminta gives an example of a habit; going to meet-ups, by putting herself in that situation she learned to talk to others more. By going to meet ups and public speaking events she refined her charismatic ability. Creating a mindset can be difficult, it can only be done by doing.

3. Spread more ammunition.

It can be easier to get a conversation going by giving the other person more information than they specifically ask for. By example when someone asks: What is your job? you can answer; Business Consultant. But you could also say; “A business consultant for a fintech startup located in the middle of Berlin, working on a new application to predict financial risk.” This gives the other person more material to go into conversation. I like this tip because it’s recognizable and easy to apply.

4. Building strong relationships is key.

While working in a business, practising charisma will help you build strong relationships with colleagues and customers. When building a connection it’s important to figure out people; what are their goals, aspirations, ambitions, what makes them tick? You can do this by having one on one conversations. When you find this out, you will be able to better motivate others. Because you have this deeper connection.

How does it relate to Know Act Invest?

This episode is strongly focused on the Act part of Know Act Invest. It explains why charisma is important. A non static skill, that can be improved by adopting habits. I think the key takeaways will help you to change your behaviour. It’s certainly a skill that I will improve, by building a mindset. Better charismatic skill will help you reach your goals.

Thanks for taking an interest in this post, I would really appreciate it if you would leave a comment with feedback. This helps me to continuously improve the website.

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