Know Act Invest.

These three words were the first thing I thought about, when I was thinking about starting a website. I see them as the three main phases, that I always take into account when going through an investment process. This process doesn’t necessarily apply to financial investments only, but to everything that has a cost. This can also be; effort, time or dedication.


Gaining knowledge, find sources and different perspectives on the subject. Understand the subject completely before going to the next phase.


Decide to adjust your behaviour (or not) based on the gained knowledge from the first phase. Take into account the assumptions and knowledge you already have.


If you decide to adjust your behaviour, then you can start to invest. You have the knowledge to understand why, this makes you more persistent. You have looked at different perspectives and took into account your prior knowledge.

Why does the name of the website matter?

The name matters because it defines the website. The information published will always relate to at least one of the phases. It provides a framework that I will continuously apply to provide the best possible information.

What is the goal of this website?

The main goal of this website is to make investing more accessible. I will do this by writing evergreen content, this means the content is supposed to be relevant independent from time. Of course this is not always achievable, but I will do my best to provide valuable information. This website is not trying to be a “How to” website, in my opinion there is enough content available on this subject, better aimed at your specific region/wishes.

The second goal of this website is personal. By writing articles it will help me to better understand the subjects, go into further detail and it’s a way to retain it. For the second goal it’s also important to have contact with you as a reader. To learn from others, thereby improving the content further.

How will you achieve this goal?

By writing original content. The first type of article that I will start will be about podcasts. It will be recurring on a weekly basis, it will select a podcast episode based on the value it adds. Independent of time. To make investing more accessible. For more information go to “Blog Overview” found in the menu, top right hand side of the screen.

Who is this website aimed at?

Know Act Invest is aimed at individuals that want to learn more about investing.

The writer.

My name is Johan, as you probably have noticed I’m not a native English speaker. This website is also a way to improve my writing skills. In the past few years I have developed an interest for investing. With this website I hope to make investing more accessible and enable myself to gain more knowledge.

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